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sabato 24 novembre 2007

Ohtawara Marathon 10K & Mochitsuki

I felt good from the beginning and kept a steady pace throughout the race, passing in 18:22:07 at the 5K mark and, always according to my watch, finishing the second 5K in 18:22:04

The wind has been quite nasty throughout the 10K race and at the turnaround point (about 6.5K) , when everyone was expecting to receive a bit of help, actually it get worst!

Finished 9th in my age category in 36:46 just to make it to the podium for one of the medal.

On an interesting cultural note, it was nice to observe the preparation of "Mochitsuki".

"Mochitsuki" is a classical Japanese tradition present at any local
festival. A Japanese custom fundamental to the Japanese character.
It is literally translated as "pounding the mochi".

"Mochi" is the paste obtained from boiling/steaming a particular type of rice (glutinous rice) and then pounded into a paste of a chewy and soft consistency.It is usually served with "kinako" a powder obtained from toasted soya beans. Sugar is usually added when "kinako" is served with "mochi"

Making "mochi" is not a solitary activity, it requires many hands from
boiling the rice, pound and shape the "mochi" paste.

So making the "mochi" is emblematic of bringing the community together to have fun and socialize in a community project.

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